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An Explanation of Culture During a Time of Misinformation

As a practicing Psychologist and psychology professor the terms “culture” and “diversity” have been a part of my professional lexicon for several decades.  During the 1990s most graduate psychology programs would include a standard course on “Multicultural Counseling” and use the seminal text of “Counseling the Culturally Different” by Sue and Sue.  Over time culture […]

How Can Coaches Develop Resilience in Elite Athletes?

Resilience is defined by the American Psychological Association as the “process of adapting in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.”  Researchers have also described it as “the role of mental processes and behavior in promoting personal assets and protecting the individual from potential negative effects of stressors.”  Disciplines from […]

Are Narcissists the Best Sport Pressure Performers?

Which athletes perform best under pressure? When the game is on the line, coaches need to know who is the go to player. Who can execute? Who can handle the moment? These are vital questions to answer. What do you think of when you hear the word narcissism? Typically there is a negative connotation such […]

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Does Your Personality Change After Marriage?

Does your personality change shortly after marriage?  According to recent research at the University of Georgia and UCLA the answer is yes.  The researchers examined the “Big 5” personality traits of 169 newlyweds over the first 18 months of marriage.  The results found declines in agreeableness for both husbands and for wives, suggesting less emphasis […]

Which Sport Parents Behave Best at Youth Sports?

Which parents behave best in youth sports?  Over the years many stories have emerged of sport parents behaving badly at youth sport events.  This includes videos of parents arguing and fighting with other parents, coaches, umpires/referees, and other youth participants.  Some adults have even faced legal charges resulting from their actions. From little league and […]

What is Performance Psychology?

What is performance psychology? Performance psychology is a relatively new specialty.  The goal is to help clients maximize their strengths while developing areas for growth.  This includes creating the right mindset and learning behavioral habits to be successful at home, work/school, and with one’s health/athletic life. How do these aspects work together?  Here are a […]

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