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Testimonials - Psychologist Alpharetta | Sports Psychologist Atlanta Rick Van HaverenPsychologist Alpharetta | Sports Psychologist Atlanta Rick Van Haveren
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“I was a high level college athlete and I had a successful career at a Fortune 100 company.  While I thought I was succeeding, my personal life was a mess.  Dr. Van Haveren showed me how to turn things around.  Now I’m a better husband and father.  My blood pressure is down as well.” 

– 43-year old Father & Husband


“I was floundering from job to job, but didn’t know why.  I wasn’t very happy to be around at home as a result.  The process Dr. Van Haveren used gave me the insight I didn’t have on my own.  Now I have much greater confidence and direction.”

– Business Professional


“Dr. Van Haveren helped my child at school.  He was really struggling academically and Dr. Van Haveren improved his performance.  Our home environment is greatly improved.

– Parent


“Dr. Van Haveren knew what I was going to say even before I said it.  I didn’t think anyone would get what I was going through.  Thank you.”

– Mother & Wife


“My relationships kept going nowhere.  With Dr. Van Haveren’s help I’m a much better communicator and I’m in my best relationship yet!”

– Satisfied Client


“Our daughter received multiple Division I offers.  However, the pressure started to get to her.  She was anxious and started to choke.  We feared she was not going to fulfill her dream.  Dr. Van Haveren gave her the right mindset on and off the court.”

– Parent


“When I needed a psychological evaluation before having surgery, the chief of staff at Emory told me “I would strongly recommend Dr. Van Haveren.”

– Medical Patient


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