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What is performance psychology?

Performance psychology is a relatively new specialty.  The goal is to help clients maximize their strengths while developing areas for growth.  This includes creating the right mindset and learning behavioral habits to be successful at home,work/school,and with one’s health/athletic life.

How do these work together?  Here are a few examples.  A couple might be having marital problems.  The stress at home could lead to their child having problems at school.  These academic difficulties can lead to parental worry and sleepless nights,which then contributes to health problems such as high blood pressure.

Here is another example.  A person might be unfulfilled at work.  Job uncertainty can lead to relationship strain,or substance use.  A lack of motivation to exercise can ensue and from there weight becomes a problem.

Does this sound familiar?  A student is not doing well in school.  Notes get sent home by teachers and arguments begin.  Meetings with school staff and family conflict contributes to a decrease in work performance for parents,and the cycle continues.

My goal is to help you work through these different facets of your life to produce meaningful relationships,a satisfying and successful work or school life,and great health.

How did my interest in performance psychology develop?  Most psychology programs focus on the treatment of disorders.  I wanted to know how to take someone who was doing well and help them to do better,to exceed their own expectations.  I developed a specialty in sport psychology and career development.  This included my doctoral dissertation which explored the career development of college athletes.  In addition,I learned techniques and strategies from sport and career could be applied to other areas of life.  For example, I began working with clients who were successful in one area of life, such as their sport or their career, but their personal lives were struggling.  Through my practice I pioneered performance psychology where I help clients perform professionally, academically and personally.

Ask yourself these questions:  Do some people think in more effective ways than others?  Do some people better manage their emotions compared to others?  Are there more successful actions/behaviors than others?  The obvious answers are “Yes.”  My practice specializes in helping clients learn to think, feel, and act in the most effective ways.

Performance psychology relies on theory and established research in the areas of general psychology,sport psychology and career development.  These concepts can help you or your family member to maximize potential.


To learn more, call me at 678-462-3833 to schedule an initial meeting. 



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